Trisha and Thara – Regret (2021)

Sisters Trisha and Thara are back with their second pop single ‘Regret’ that effortlessly tugs at your emotions. Through the emotive movement of the contemporary pop melody and the power of their vocals, they have you wishing you could go back in time and have another chance as a past love. While doing this, they also have you considering actions and behaviours in a relationship that you regret and the mistakes you would want to erase.

The emotive power of the single truly belies the age of the sibling duo. While really young, they showcase vulnerability, honesty and passion while captivating you with their vocal movements and harmonies. As a follow-up to their debut single, this song takes the richness of their sound to a new level while reaching into your chest and plucking at your heartstrings.

The light tones that open ‘Regret’ are backed with melancholy and regrets. While a single melodic line, it is powerful as it introduces the emotions of the track and leads you to the clicking tones that drive you through the music. There is a rise on the chorus with stuttering pop beats that elevates the emotions of the music. It is a touching soundscape that is somewhat stripped back to allow the vocals to really shine. While a foundation for the vocals, the melody has a beautiful rise and fall that enhances the emotions of the lyrics.

Against the backdrop of the touching melody, the duo’s vocals shine with youth and emotion. They each have a moment in the first verse that brings a contrast to the sound before their voices merge in beautiful harmony on the chorus. The interplay between their vocals creates a two-sided story that bolsters the pain and regret of the single. The lyrics are so touching and stick with you as they wrap you in the wish to change the past and have the happy ending you wanted.

Trisha and Thara weave their vocals together for the powerfully emotive single ‘Regret’ that fills you with the urge to turn back time. The melody has a stripped back feeling that allows the vocals to really shine. Both Trisha and Thara lend their vocals to the track before harmonising in a beautiful story that really leaves you feeling emotional.

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