Band Spectra – Thule (2020)

Drawing on inspiration from the late 70s and early 80 German experimental electronic and rock bands, Band Spectra continues their own experimental sound with ‘Thule’. Following their debut single, ‘Thule’ has you imagining walking past disused buildings in the early 80s and hearing a cacophony of synths battling drums. Blending motorik beats with psychedelic rock, darkwave and electronica, they throw you into an avant-garde experience you are unlikely to forget anytime soon.

If you are looking for something a little different and experimental, this is the song for you. While influenced by La Dusseldorf, M83, Neu! And William Bassinski, Band Spectra has added a new edge to things. The melding of different styles and influences have left a soundscape that has a hint of familiarity among a crash of modernity.

‘Thule’ has a light progressive opening with an expensive sound that slowly draws you in. This gives way to melodic beats and enthralling synths. There is something about this opening line that grabs your attention and sets your imagination alight. The beats in the low levels offer a stability and foundation for the rest of the melody. Over this foundation, the synths tell a tale of space and echoing.

Throughout the single, there is a great melodic flow to the music. While experimental and avant-garde, the music is easy to fall into. The interplay between different synths creates an undulating kaleidoscope of sounds that swirls around your head and has you flying to new places. There is also this light thread of dreaminess laced into the notes that adds a little something extra to the sound. The rich and lush soundscape has a thick softness to it that you can’t help but fall back into.

Band Spectra envelop you in a rich synth soundscape full of melodic flows in ‘Thule’. The single melds synths and beats to form a perfect river of softness that you can lie back and relax into.

Find out more about Band Spectra on their Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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