TyFromTheFuturr – Never Going Home (2020)

TyFromTheFuturr takes a different approach to a love song with ‘Never Going Home’. Through the single, he tells the story of running away from someone’s love without looking back. While running, he acknowledges that there is only so far he can go before he is pulled back to the person. An emotionally-driven track, he offers a sense of realism dashed with optimism in the face of love.

While Tyson Maze, the man from the future, has been creating music from a young age, he started taking things more seriously in 2016. With a constantly changing sound, he shows how people grow as they age and offers a new sound with each release. As he draws on a range of music, he moulds the sounds into something new and unique.

The deep beats in the opening of ‘Never Going Home’ pull you in before the vocals hit. There is a great hip-hop bounce to the beats that make your shoulders move with them. The lighter thrumming notes that gently vibrate over the beats add a brightness to the melody. While there is this lightness, the melody has a grounded feeling letting you know that the single is looking at something important. As you listen, those beats dig their hooks further into your brain and get more of your body bouncing to them.

Maze’s vocals have an electronic haze to them bringing a slightly futuristic vibe to his performance. The higher electronic backing vocals add a great texture to his performance with a layered feeling at times. The flow of his emo-rap is easy to ride while focussing your attention on the lyrics. Lyrically, the track is wonderfully arranged with lyrics that are relatable and easy to connect with. Through his performance, you first see him running from someone to see the world without a thought of looking back. As the single progresses, you are filled with the sense that you are being irreversibly pulled back to the person you were running from and feeling fairly happy about this.

TyFromTheFuturr hits you with relatable lyrics in an engaging emo-rap that dances over catchy beats in ‘Never Going Home’. The beats in the melody dig into your brain to pull you through the single. As the beats get to you, the vocals are relatable with an easy flow to them.

Find out more about TyFromTheFuturr on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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