Chase Stephen – Apollo (2021)

Chase Stephen is combining his lo-fi guitar lines with official sound elements from NASA in his single ‘Apollo’. An instrumental piece, the track encompasses the wonder of space with chilled vibes that wash over you with jazzy goodness. Using his unique style, he enraptures you in a blended soundscape that is unlike anything else you can hear right now.

Making music was not always the dream for Stephen as he studied civil engineering and worked as a structural engineer. Singing and creating music was a creative outlet for him before he started to fall further down the rabbit hole. After taking the FE exam to advance his career, he had an epiphany and decided to pursue music as a career. Turning his attention to the lo-fi community, he supports other artists through his independent label while putting out his own unique music.

The static that opens ‘Apollo’ introduces the lo-fi tones of the music. The guitar lightly twangs through the soundscape with a great line. You can almost imagine soundwaves undulating to the guitar as it winds its chilled way through your brain. It is a really addictive guitar line that you can’t get enough of. The jazzy tones that bubble up when the guitar fades have just the right touch of futurism to match the NASA samples. When the guitar comes back, you are thrown into the stratosphere as you soar and float along its relaxing vibes.

The use of official NASA sound elements is an interesting inclusion in the track. The beautiful chilled vibes of the instrumentation could easily carry the single on their own. However, there is something extra added by those sound elements, particularly the more ambient ones such as rocket thrusts and lightning on Jupiter. The Apollo 11 mission countdown cuts through the guitar wonderfully. The captivating flow of the music is a real showcase of Stephen’s musical prowess.

Chase Stephen fills you with chilled vibes while flying into outer space with the guitar and sound elements of ‘Apollo’. The instrumentation on the track could easily hold their own as a single, but the addition of the sound elements adds a unique and captivating edge.

Find out more about Chase Stephen on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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