Varvara – On My Way to You (2021)

Finnish power-pop group Varvara are tapping into some rock tones for their latest release ‘On My Way to You’. With some contagious summer vibes laced into 90s-influenced rock, the band has you soaring across mountain tops and enjoying the summer sun. Bringing a sense of familiarity to something that is uniquely them, the band gets you excited to hear their next album.

With this single being the first release off the album, they effortlessly grab your attention and have you searching for more. The vibes of the song and album as a whole are a wonderful reflection of the live recording conditions. If you are not getting all the good vibes of the music through the single alone, the lyric video will help.

‘On My Way to You’ hits you with a blast of feel-good guitars that pounds against your ears. The initial assault gives way to a more soaring vibe as the guitars wrap around your limbs and pulls you into the atmosphere. There is a delightful 90s rock vibe to the melody that gets you lost in the energy of the band. While the guitars are pulling you into the air, the drums have your head moving to their rhythm.

As the melody hits you with a touch of rock, the vocals enhance this while dipping into really engaging lyrics. There is something infectious about the lyrics and the delivery of the vocals that makes you want to smile. The catchiness of the lyrics makes you want to sing along while listening to the single at a rather loud volume. While you are filled with the infectious feeling of the vocals, you are also filled with the emotions of the single. There is a yearning artfully woven into the vocals that also comes through later with the guitar line.

The music video for the single is relatively simple but as captivating as the song itself. Set in a cabin, you see a man pouring some milk and eating. As he sings to the camera, his expressions add a new layer to the single as the emotions of the track are driven home. You really can’t stop watching the video while singing along to the lyrics at the bottom of the screen.

Varvara fills you with some 90s rock vibes through the infectious tones of ‘On My Way to You’. The pounding guitars send you soaring before the vocals dip you into the really catchy lyrics. All of this gets a burst of new life with the official lyric video.

Find out more about Varvara on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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