Vex Message – Data Regime (2021)

Merging elements of electronic rock with post-punk and indie-rock, Vex Message ensnare your senses with an eclectic sound. Borne from the musical collaboration of Derek Meins, Mark Hope and Sam Kirkham, Vex Message question Big Brother in this current climate…or rather just make you pay more attention to the situation. While the group may have started writing music in 2019, they are only releasing original material now. We want to introduce you to this obscure new artist with their single ‘Data Regime’.

Described as “urgent, punchy and filled with synthy elements” by It’s All Indie, the Lancaster-based trio have a brash, abrupt and intriguing style. Combining dynamic guitars, pounding drums and swelling synths, ‘Data Regime’ lies somewhere between Talking Heads and James Holden. Not necessarily a flowing track melodically, there is a harmonic quality within the hasty staccato and overwhelming crescendos.

Similar to punk bands with analogue instrumentation, ‘Data Regime’ is filled with raw honesty and gritty sentimentality. The insightful lyricism is bold and powerful in its jarring execution. It is this harsh delivery in blunt tones that possibly pounds the message of “Big Brother watching you” into the listener. The edgy pounding seems to beat in time with your heart making ‘Data Regime’ truly soul-stirring. A whack to the side of the head, Vex Message get their message through in the dystopian ‘Data Regime’.

Side note: Vex Message released an official music video for ‘Data Regime’ which can be viewed here. We recommend caution when watching it as the strobe effects can cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.

For more from Vex Message check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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