Mike Stoyanov – No Regrets (2021)

Are you in need of some raw energy that fills you with the power to live your life as you want to? Well, Mike Stoyanov has just what you need with his single ‘No Regrets’. Through the rock tones of the track, he acknowledges that we all make mistakes but that they happen for a reason. Bringing an understanding that this is the journey of life, he helps you embrace everything in your own life and be unapologetic about taking the path you want.

While Stoyanov has been in a number of rock and blues bands over the years, 2020 led him to striking out on his own. By following his heart and never being scared to speak his mind, he is empowering listeners and giving all of us the boost we need.

The guitars that open ‘No Regrets’ meets a drumline that thrums through your chest. There is an amazing rock-n-roll vibe to the melody that has your feet tapping to the beats. As the energy of the track picks up for the chorus, you feel like going a little crazy. There might be some air drums around as you get lost in the movements of the melody. It is a really infectious melody that is packed with raw energy, good vibes and guitar riffs that don’t let up.

While the melody alone gets you into the vibes of the single, Stoyanov’s vocals are the cherry on top. There is a retro feel to his performance that is wonderful to hear and merges perfectly with the rock tones of the melody. As the music on the chorus gets you, his vocals have you yelling out with him. Through the lyrics, he smiles and smirks at the naysayers while letting you know that you are not alone in living your life as you want to. There is a really empowering vibe to the track that sits in your soul and puts a smile on your face.

Mike Stoyanov fills you with the energy to live your life on your terms without worrying about what others think in ‘No Regrets’. Through the infectious rock tones, he also lets you know that you are not alone and he is there for you. All of this is wrapped in a melody that vibrates through you and has you going a little crazy.

Find out more about Mike Stoyanov on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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