Victoria Sponge – Devil’s Tool (2020)

‘Devil’s Tool’ by Victoria Sponge is taking the emotions of a biblical story and infusing them with some modern sensibilities. Drawing on the story of Jesus spending 40 days and nights in the desert, the band creates a slightly creepy yet upbeat soundscape. Using their infectious sound, they are able to fill you with the struggle of the story while bolstering your spirit with an exciting melody.

This modern twist of emotions is brought to your ears through a swirling of bluesy alternative rock. Providing you with a sound to dance to, the five-piece band also has you contemplating the emotional impact of the music. As you are getting down to their groove, the initial profits from the single are being donated to the Music Venue Trust.

‘Devil’s Tool’ has a rather laidback opening that sets a gentle tone. The flow of the melody makes you think of open spaces like the desert, but there is something soft about it. This gentleness gives way for a faster-paced tone for the chorus. The swing is perfect as it smoothly flows while bolstering the emotional impact of the lyrics. The guitar that enters is engaging and you can’t help but move your head to the beats. These rock tones grab you and will not let you go as you are drawn further into the lyrics.

As you are moving to the melody, the vocals form this middle layer that is so smooth it slides across you like silk. Through the vocal performance, you are pulled into the story and emotions of the lyrics. There is a depth to the performance that pumps the easy emotions at the start before throwing you into the upheaval of the chorus. As you listen to the lyrics, you get the creepy vibe like someone is standing behind you but you can’t see them.

Victoria Sponge gives a modern twist to a biblical tale with a dash of creepiness and an infectious melody in ‘Devil’s Tool’. The single has a wonderful smoothness to the tone that is utterly captivating while the vocals slide across you.

Find out more about Victoria Sponge on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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