Track of the Day: Dmunsch – Day To Day

Traversing genres from electropop to indie, disco to house, Dmunsch is building a name in the electronic music scene as a genre-defying producer. Based in Belgium, Dmunsch began producing during his teenage years, however, it was only two years ago that he released his debut single ‘Moving On’. Well-received by audiences across the globe, this artist (for what he does is artistry) has been featured on It’s Indie, A&R Factory and several online radio stations/podcasts. The latest addition to his “melodic house” discography is the single ‘Day To Day’.

Drawing on elements of electronic with contemporary pop, Dmunsch’s ‘Day To Day’ lies somewhere between Charlie Puth, AVICCI and deadmau5; however, this is merely another showcase of his innovation as a musician/producer. Following his critically acclaimed single ‘Free World’, the Belgian moves from a classic indie sound to the EDM ‘Day To Day’ that would fit easily on the dancefloor. Using his aim of escapism through music, Dmunsch shows a release of all types of sound in his music creating a hazy soundscape in which you can lose your soul.

While I am not a fan of electronic music, I can truly appreciate a good song when I hear it. Built on individuality and eclecticism, Dmunsch uses his production skills in a moving and engaging way. Steady beats lay the foundation for an infectious tune, while the compelling verses crescendo into catchy choruses. Yet, while there is a strong house theme to the single, ‘Day To Day’ is made more intriguing with Dmunsch’s pop vocals.

Reminiscent of Charlie Puth, Dmunsch has a sweet, clear and smooth voice that effortlessly merges with the flowing synths. Touching on elements of euphoria, carelessness and invulnerability, the charming lyricism is elegantly executed really pointing to Dmunsch’s aim of “an escape from reality”. Pounding along with the beat of my heart, ‘Day To Day’ is a soul-stirring track with a lingering spine-chilling sensation.

For more from Dmunsch, check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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