Vissia – Walk Me Home (2020)

Vulnerability can mean different things to different people. Vissia lets us know what it means to her with her latest single ‘Walk Me Home’. Through the single, she lets us know that vulnerability is not a weakness and we should be kind to the messier parts of our personalities. The messaging of the single is brought to visual life with the official music video.

The creative and intuitive sounds Vissia creates comes from a combination of influences. Drawing on folk, dance, RnB, rock and soul, she carefully crafts a soundscape that has you entering the body of water that is her internal paradoxes. While using her own emotions and opinions, her music is relatable.

‘Walk Me Home’ introduces you to Vissia’s vocals from almost the first second. The slow and progressive flow of her opening lines softly wraps around you. Her performance has both a lightness to the tone while hitting you with some heavier lyrics. The emotions threaded into her performance have an intimate feeling that connects you to the song on a deeper level. Throughout the song, you can hear the power of her voice as she modulates her performance to fill you with emotion.

The melody resting below the vocals seems relatively simple at first. However, there is a great movement to the melody that enhances the emotional impact of her performance. The piano line that forms the base of the melody continues throughout and is joined by driving drums. The guitar comes in when the power of her voice reaches a peak and you are swept into the realisation that nothing is wrong with you.

The music video was recorded during lockdown and uses a creative concept to highlight the messaging of the track. Using three versions of herself, she brings the idea of vulnerability and weakness. The colourful and creative direction of the video makes it wonderful to watch and helps you connect with the essence of the track.

Vissia considers vulnerability and how this is not a weakness in her new single ‘Walk Me Home’. The gentle flow of the track helps you connect with the intimate and introspective performance. The official music video uses a creative direction for an almost abstract portrayal of the essence of the music.

Find out more about Vissia on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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