Volcanes – Destellos (2021)

Volcanes combine constant rhythms with simple vocal lines to tell a story through their debut single ‘Destellos’. Through this combination, they build and develop the tale of the track in an engaging manner. As their first single and a preview for their debut album, the single sparkles and has you wondering what else they will bring to your ears.

This blended sound comes from Christian Lazcano (vocals and guitar), Fernando Hormazábal (bass) and Felipe Leiva (drums). Over the last five years, Lazcano and Hormazábal have been composing songs with varying stylistic influences. In an attempt to systematise these songs, the band was created and is now ready to unleash their sound on the world.

‘Destellos’ has a really groovy feeling to the music that has your foot tapping to the rhythm before you know what has happened. The bass thrums through your shoulders while the higher guitar lights dance across them. There is a delightful blending of melodic layers that really puts a smile on your face. From the first moment, the melody picks you up and carries you into the soundscape and doesn’t let you down until the very end. It is an addicting feeling to be caught in the continuous rhythm that never lets up. The guitar riffs are an amazing interlude while the beats keep you rolling forward.

While the vocals are in Spanish, you get a sense of the essence of the track through Lazcano’s performance. His voice calls out through the soundscape and will make you want to sing along even if you don’t speak the language. The harmonisations at times add an extra edge of depth to the music that swirls around you. There is a really cheery feeling to his performance that fills your chest with light and good vibes.

Volcanes has your foot tapping to their rhythm while wanting to sing along even if you don’t speak Spanish with ‘Destellos’. The bright feeling of the vocals fills your chest while you want to move and sway to the melody. As a debut single, it is a light introduction that has you looking forward to what is to come.

Find out more about Volcanes on their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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