Volk – Welcome To Cashville (2020)

Volk is hitting the modern music industry in the jaw with their boisterous single ‘Welcome to Cashville’. The hits continue to rain down with the single’s official music video which takes the over-the-top soundscape and turns it into a bitingly sarcastic visual. The music pays homage to thunderous rock anthems of the past with a dash of country stylings.

The blended sounds of rock attitude with country swagger are courtesy of duo Chris Lowe (guitar, vocals) and Eleot Reich (drums, vocals). While only a two-piece, the band offers enough attitude and punch for at least five people. If you are looking for a single that blasts away the cobwebs, this is the song that you want.

The intentionally exaggerated feeling of the music is in sharp focus with the official music video. The video opens in a country bar and pulses the opening lyrics through you. The opening scene is really engaging and gets you instantly hooked to the video. The imagery transitions to Reich singing while walking down the street and performing in a bar. The instrumental riffs and lines take place in an abandoned room.

While the imagery itself pulses the feeling of the music through you, it is the overall cinematography that really makes the video. When you see the pair playing their instruments, you are filled with a sense of live performance energy that makes your insides shiver. The transitions are easy on the eyes along with some shaky moments that match the melody. Throughout the video, you are inundated with the country-rock swagger of the band that is an undeniable energy.

If you are not watching the video, the single on its own is just as engaging and packs a heavy punch. The lyrics and vocal performances are biting and full of sarcastic wit. The music has you moving to it and if you were to hear this song live, you would need to jump around. The band has been able to harness the energy of the live performance, condense it for the recording and shove it into you alongside a middle finger to the establishment.

Volk takes a biting and sarcastic hit at the establishment with their thunderous single ‘Welcome to Cashville’. The single hits all the right notes for an engaging yet aggressive punch that is perfectly translated into visuals for the video. There is a lot of energy in both the single and video that fill you with the vibes of the band.

Find out more about Volk on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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