Von Andersson Noise System – Gasoline Party (2020)

Based in Stockholm, Henrik von Andersson is the mastermind behind Von Andersson Noise System. This musical brain-child offers a unique sonic signature full of loud guitars and contrasting soft vocals. ‘Gasoline Party’ is his third release and arguably his strongest to date.

The short and frenetic track is all about making change happen. The song urges you to get up, get active and demand changes to everything that is wrong in society. While this could take a very angry approach, the track is hopeful and happy. It is also a complete coincidence that the single has been released during a time of protest.

‘Gasoline Party’ hits you with an amazing drumbeat and powerful guitar work from the first moment. The melody of the track is both soft and driving while making you want to move to the beat. You can also feel the hopeful energy in the song as it lifts you up and motivates you. This great melody is a perfect accompaniment to the lyrics and von Andersson’s vocal performance.

His vocals are a softer layer over the guitar but do not get lost in the noise of guitars and drums. His singing style adds to the melody of the track and holds the song together in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The lyrics could easily have taken a darker turn, but the overall performance keeps them light and hopeful. Instead of anger, there is a sense that something can be done to make a positive change.

‘Gasoline Party’ is a hopeful rallying cry from Von Andersson Noise System that motivates you to make a positive change. Gentler than some other protest songs on the scene, ‘Gasoline Party’ makes use of the contrast between soft vocals and driving guitars. The unique sonic devices of the band are on clear display and make the song a pleasure to listen to.

Find out more about Von Andersson Noise System on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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