The Covasettes – Be Mine (2020)

Everyone has those bands that they follow religiously knowing every song they have, watching all their videos, following them on all their social media, being a bit obsessive really. Fortunately, I can’t attest to being obsessive when it comes to bands (at least, not any more), but there are some artists I definitely keep my eye on. Manchester’s The Covasettes are on that list!

Only a couple of years off the bat, Chris Buxton (vocals and guitar), Matt Hewlett (guitar), Jamie McIntyre (bass) and Matt Buckley (drums) have already achieved so much! Featured on BBC Radio Manchester, receiving over 1,000,000 streams on their Spotify and selling out headline shows, The Covasettes are already on their way to stardom. The latest track from these talented lads is ‘Be Mine’.

Constantly developing their sound, it is difficult to describe The Covasettes according to a specific genre. Inspired greatly by iconic indie-rock bands like Oasis, Coldplay and Blur, their music has shifted from indie-pop to the edgier rock track ‘Be Mine’. A follow-up to their gritty ‘Spin’, ‘Be Mine’ shows that 2020 is more Foo Fighters than Coldplay for The Covasettes.

So, what do I really think about ‘Be Mine’? I can say I think it’s outstanding, but that might be stretching the truth a little. While Buxton continues to flaunt his effortless and powerful vocals for just on four minutes, the song is not as dynamic as ‘Spin’ – at least, not for me. With its infectious and energetic vibe, it is easy to see why ‘Be Mine’ is so popular at gigs. It’s easy to feel the excitement through the speakers.

What truly stares me in the face with ‘Be Mine’ is the group’s maturity. While they have never been innocent, the lads have gained more experience in the past couple of years and their skill is displayed in this latest track. Complementing clear vocals with compelling instrumentation in both ‘Be Mine’ and the accompanying ‘Off My Mind’, The Covasettes are packing a powerful punch. Not my favourite, but Be Mine’ can incite a buzz and deserves to be called a saucy banger.

For more from The Covasettes check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Intagram and YouTube.

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