Voodoo Bloo – Ha Ha Ok Ok (2020)

A lot of us turn to music when we need time to process or heal which is why certain types of music are so prevalent. However, the creation of music can also be cathartic for the artist as it was for Voodoo Bloo when creating the album Jacobus. The third single from the album ‘Ha Ha Ok Ok’ captures the emotional letting of the album through soaring vocals and heavy guitars.

You might know the man behind Voodoo Bloo, Rory McDonald as the frontman of Lucifer Gunne. While still part of the band, his solo work is touching on something more personal. The concept of the album and the resulting singles come from a personal experience and healing process. While the base of the music is personal, there is a deep thread that everyone is able to grab onto.

‘Ha Ha Ok Ok’ drives through you with a crash of guitars and drums from the first moment. The pace of the music fills you with a hectic energy and makes you want to jump around to the vibes. There is a furious fusion of drums and guitars throughout the track that really pound through your chest. As the energy vibrates through your skin, there is a heaviness to the melody that lets you know there is more to this song that first meets the ear.

McDonald’s vocals enter with an almost conversational tone wrapped in some alternative goodness. His performance is as paced as the music with some wonderful screams added for effect. The nuance of his performance matches the melody in drawing you into the energy of the track while getting the message of the lyrics through. It is worth taking the time to really listen to the lyrics because there is a lot packed into them that really get you thinking.

The official music video for the single captures the frantic energy in a very watchable manner. The entire video is shot in what seems to be a shipping container with McDonald performing the track. As he hits the sides of the container and is shuffled from one side to another, the energy of the music pumps through you. The flashing lights and cuts of the video can be a bit hard for people who are photosensitive.

Voodoo Bloo fills you with hectic energy as they process and heal through the crashing sounds of ‘Ha Ha Ok Ok’. The energetic melody vibrates in your chest while the vocals get you pumped while hitting you with some deep lyrics. The official music video uses a simple visual to capture the energy of the song and get you moving to the vibes.

Find out more about Voodoo Bloo on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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