The Weatherman – There Will Be Great Times Ahead (2020)

Alexandre Monteiro is the man behind The Weatherman providing vocals, piano, keys and bass. He has been writing songs since he was 14 and releasing albums on the Portuguese indie scene since 2006. His latest release ‘There Will Be Great Times Ahead’ pushes his abilities because he was the only person working on it from writing to mixing.

The track was inspired by the Coronavirus confinement period where he spent two months at home. It is a reflection of what millions of people around the world feel about the pandemic. However, it is also a positive message that things are going to get better.

‘There Will Be Great Times Ahead’ does not waste time getting started. The track has a very simple and stripped back melody that enhances the message of the song. Monteiro’s vocals are smooth and work perfectly with the gentle melody.

The lyrics of the track do provide you with a sense of hope that everything is going to be okay in the future. They are also easy to relate to because we have all felt the emotions of the track recently. If everyone followed the words of this song, we can easily overcome the most difficult moments.

‘There Will Be Great Times Ahead’ is a global hymn dedicated to hope from The Weatherman. While the track was inspired by the global Coronavirus pandemic, the message transcends it. It is a song of unity and how we can jointly overcome anything that we face.

Find out more about The Weatherman on his website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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