Waiting for Winry – Ruins (2020)

There are a lot of people who poke their noses in where they do not belong. If you want to give a sonic and unapologetic middle finger to these people, listen to ‘Ruins’ by Waiting for Winry. This catchy rock song was inspired by the duo’s experience as a young couple being surrounded by gossip and people trying to tear them apart.

While David and Ria Rees use their personal experience as the basis of the track, their unapologetic style resonates with many people. Through their music, they tell a range of diverse stories and are unafraid of mixing things up. While only their second single, the duo will get you hooked to their sound and wanting more.

‘Ruins’ opens with a catchy melody that gets your foot tapping from the first notes. The engaging guitar leads you deeper into the single while offering a fun and almost playful riff. There are some light electronic notes woven into the melody that adds a little something to the music. You can’t help but get into the melody as it infiltrates your brain. There is something wonderfully unapologetic about the music. Within this is a playful and quizzical flow making you think of smiling and shaking your head at the actions of others.

Over the fun melody is Ria Rees’ vocal performance. Her voice is a delicate touch that dances across the melody adding to the playful tones. This light delivery adds to the vibe of the song as she takes you through the pettiness of other people. The lyrics are a great call out of petty and nosy people who want to tear things apart because they are unhappy. Through the lyrics, you are filled with good vibes and a sense that you can let what they do slide off your back.

Waiting for Winry offer an unapologetic yet playful middle finger to nosy and petty people in their engaging single ‘Ruins’. The synth-pop melody creates a fun and lively basis for the unapologetic lyrics and delicate vocals.

Find out more about Waiting for Winry on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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