Jester Society – White Bravo (2020)

Compared to the likes of Billie Eilish, Gorillaz, Melanie Martinez and Brockhampton, Jester Society is an Italian foursome making waves in the electro-pop scene. Based in Brescia, Italy, the group was founded by lead vocalist Alessandro with guitarist, vocalist and synths-ist (I don’t think that’s a word, but it is now) Marco. After recruiting drummer ¡HEIL and bassist/keyboardist DRAMA!, the lads embraced a synth-pop sound with indie-pop vibes. The group released their debut single ‘Floating In The Blue’ in December 2018, but now we are taking a look at their fourth single ‘¡ White Bravo !’.

Using impressive guitars with immersive synths, Jester Society has gained a reputation for engaging and energetic music; however, ‘¡ White Bravo !’ moves further toward the indie and synth-pop genre. Influenced by artists like Gorillaz, Daft Punk, Linkin Park, Arctic Monkeys and The 1975, the group use various sounds to build a genre-defying sound themselves – as can be seen in the latest single.

An eclectic single, ‘¡ White Bravo !’ showcases the group’s ability to “paste together” different genres in just over three minutes. Beginning with a thick bassline and ambient synths, one would imagine a typical electro-pop tune, but the introduction of heavy beats adds a hip-hop feel to the changeable foundation. Sonically, it is a trip from beginning to end but the lyricism is what makes it an earworm.

Touching on the reality of a volatile society, Alessandro and Marco’s vocals embrace the distinctive hip-hop style of Linkin Park’s Joe Hahn. In fact, ‘¡ White Bravo !’ may be considered reminiscent of Linkin Park in the brusque rap-rock carefully arranged amidst soulful singing. Combining the hip-hop beats with synth-based ambiences and an overall rock effect, ‘¡ White Bravo !’ enhances the concept of the track. Addictive, intriguing and somewhat volatile in itself, the new single from Jester Society is a winner for any audience.

For more from Jester Society, check out their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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