Wake The Sun – Deep Blue Skies (2021)

If you are a fan of the raspy, hard-hitting awesome-ness that is Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon, the chances are you’ll adore Wake The Sun. Formed in 2015 (give or take), the US-based foursome has built a strong reputation for engaging, energetic and infectious tunes exhibiting “nuances on blues, southern stomp, psychedelia and soul…” Receiving coverage on numerous Spotify playlists and online radio stations, Dillon Mealey (vocals and guitar), James Rubino (lead guitar), Jeff Alvarado (bass) and Andres Valbuena (drums) bring NY grittiness to modern-day rock. The latest addition to their well-received repertoire is ‘Deep Blue Skies’.

Similar to their previous hard rock track ‘Tell ‘Em All Again’, Wake The Sun retain a unique, hard-hitting and very much “in your face” approach in ‘Deep Blue Skies’. A harmonic arrangement of pounding drums and powerful guitars make the single unforgettable in its high-voltage melody; however, it is the incorporation of almost alt-rock meets metal guitar that makes the tune one to headbang to. Yet, while the instrumentation is a rock-driven assault on the ears, it is Mealey’s obscure vocals that bring about a silky smoothness in the mosh-pit soundscape.

It is incredibly difficult to describe songs that are so, well, indescribable and ‘Deep Blue Skies’ falls into this category. Each of the band members shares an explosive performance in the anthemic song, but for me, it is Mealey’s rich, bold and soul-filling tones that seal the deal. One might consider the track to be “all over the place”, yet the lads show a natural talent to throw emotion around you and keep you grounded at the same time. As I said, it’s anthemic and would be a pleasure to see live.

In addition to their single, Wake The Sun released an official video for ‘Deep Blue Skies’. Intense and mind-blowing, the song is not only amazing to hear but also to view. The visual performance effortlessly sends shivers down your spine and leaves you gaping at their artistry, skill and, well I’ll admit it, good looks.


For more from Wake The Sun check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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