DAAY – Forever (2021)

In 2019, singer-songwriter Alex Barty-King decided to form a psychedelic meets indie-pop meets indie-rock group called DAAY. Having taken several forms since its inception, the UK-based band has evolved not only in size but conceptually. Currently performing as a six-piece, DAAY aims to “challenge more adult themes of philosophic enquiry as the band moves forward”. I’m thrilled to say this is not our first taste of DAAY having come across the group almost one year ago. So, join us as we dip into the insatiable sound of Barty-King and his crew with ‘Forever’.

Hot on the heels of their well-received track ‘Dream Kit’ (read our review here), ‘Forever’ adopts a softer, smoother and more flowing sound. Once again quite intimate with powerful brass sections, guitars and drums, ‘Forever’ fuses several elements into one united albeit obscure style. In addition to the experimental arrangement allowing each artist a prominent spot for their performance, the group weave a harmonic tapestry filled with a shining thread in Barty-King’s eclectic vocals. It is as if you want to twirl about in the hazy ambience but remain anchored within the ethereal soundscape.

As I mentioned, DAAY uses conceptual themes in their music ensuring not only a personal connection but also a societal one. DAAY share that “’Forever’ is a song about trying to understand what the notion of forever might actually mean if it’s true that we do exist as infinite consciousness as according to most religions and esoteric practices” – something definitely meaningful. Along with the profound, thought-provoking content, the spoken word execution of its poetic lyricism turns your head leaving you even more taken by the song. I think it is this obtuse vocal performance that intrigues me regarding DAAY’s music. I cannot wait for the next tune.

For more from DAAY check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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