Washing Machina – Perfect Misfits (2021)

With their debut EP Perfect Misfits, Washing Machina is showcasing what they are all about through the five tracks. Awash with indie rock, they bring a sprinkle of everything we love about old-school rock and add it to something uniquely them. Made up of five tracks from 15 songs the band already has recorded, the EP is a definite taste of what they have in store for all of us.

A very new band, Washing Machina formed in the spring of 2021. Since then, Mark, Karl and Sara sent song ideas to each other and their music started to form and grow. The last piece of the musical puzzle was Emelie, Sara’s friend who was recruited on the drums. If the EP gets you rocking out to their sound, it has also been released on limited-edition vinyl.

The title track ‘Perfect Misfits’ aptly opens the EP with a catchy beat that gets you bopping to it and warbling vibrations of guitars. There is a really interesting feeling to the melody as it blends easy rock tones with an almost experimental bang. The layering of these different melodic elements perfectly matches up with the vocals while combing together for a really engaging movement. The vocals border on surf tones as they haze over the music. The lyrics call out to all those who feel that they don’t fit in and give them a place to belong. Through all of this, the really engaging flow of the single gets you ridiculously hooked to the sound and keen to hear what the rest of the EP has to offer.

‘Kim’ has a deep beat that vibrates through your chest with some 90s rock guitars streaming out over them. The vocals have a chanting tone to them that brings another retro vibe to the track. You can’t help but start to bop around to the beat while the vocals shine a light on that one person we all know that everyone looks to in a friendship group. The relatable edge of the lyrics enhances the catchiness of this track while putting a little smile on your face. There are times when the instrumentation is given a real chance to shine and shine they do as they sink the band’s hooks into your brain.

The light scratch that opens ‘Find the Beat’ is contrasted by the airy vocals. This interplay is wonderfully handled and grabs your attention from the first note. There is a light dusting of psychedelia to this track in the layering and overlapping for the vocals but this does not detract from the pure indie rock sensibilities. It is a very interesting track that showcases the versatility of the band as they move away from the more grounded tones of the last tracks and turn into the swirl of a kaleidoscope. While different to the other tracks, the catchiness that characterises their music is firmly in place as you feel the urge to sink into this track and play it on repeat.

‘New Years Day’ brings more of the light experimental touches to the opening before you are swept into the melodic movement of the guitar. The floating vocals are a delicate contrast to the opening line before their softness takes over. The light tones that pluck through the soundscape catch the tender vocals and cushion them as the heavier rock tones make a comeback. It is a wonderful combination of hard and soft that fills your senses in the best way possible. The lightness of the vocals swirl like thoughts that flutter through your brain throughout the day while the melody is like reality grounding you. This is an amazing single that really highlights the musicality of the band.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Stuck in a Dream’ that vibrates with a slightly off-kilter feeling. This off-centre feeling sends an ominous shiver down your spine as you feel like something is creeping just out of your vision. It is an intense combination of this creeping feeling and dreamy tones. The vocals enhance this duality of emotion as they creep through the opening before bursting with pastel colours. As the track progresses, you are drawn into a rise and fall that brings you from ominous feelings to soft clouds and back again.

Washing Machina really showcases what they can do with the differing tones, styles and emotions of Perfect Misfits. The EP is packed with intriguing soundscapes, soft vocals, creeping feelings and contrasting tones. Each track highlights another aspect of the band’s sound while impressing you with their versatility.

Find out more about Washing Machina on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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