Beatnik – Hidden Love (2021)

While there are a lot of love songs out there, Beatnik is bringing something new to the familiar theme. ‘Hidden Love’ uses some old-school soul vibes and mixes in some modern pop sounds for the experience of falling in love or finding the love you never knew you had. Bringing a glimmer of the familiar to the awe of something new, he envelops you in the inspiring emotions of the subject matter.

Inspired by the bold artists of the Beat Generation, Peter LaBarge uses this musical project to show the feelings and thoughts of the creative period. Completely self-recorded, he is joined on this single by Dan Fields and Brecken Jones. With a playful energy, he brings the threads of the Beats Generation to the modern age.

The wash of piano notes that fills the opening of ‘Hidden Love’ twinkles into the raindrop notes, and puts a smile on your face. The rather funky undertone guitar is great as it lightly gets you moving and doesn’t take away attention from the light piano notes. The drums add a retro-soul flow to the music as the lines start to layer and form a solid melody. You can’t really listen to this melody and not feel the urge to bop to the funky flow. While there are touches of old-school sounds in the melody, there is this wonderful modern edge that brings a fresh blast of air to the single.

The funky bopping tone of the melody lets Beatnik’s vocals bounce off them to twirl you around to his performance. The oohs that open his vocal performance are a serious throwback to the height of soul. As his vocal line really hits, he draws you close for a dance to the melody that is really irresistible. Matching the vintage touch of the melody, his vocals bring back the best bits of old-school soul, while adding a fresh modern youthfulness to it. The lyrics toe the line between falling in love for the first time and rediscovering a love you thought was gone. Through all this, you are filled with the warm embers of affection and the urge to dance with someone you care about.

Beatnik takes us back to the height of soul while bringing a modern edge to the warmth of falling in love with the smooth yet funky tones of ‘Hidden Love’. Both the music and vocals hark back to the Beats Generation and bring the best bits to a modern sense. As you listen to the track, you are filled with the warmth and happiness that comes with being in love.

Find out more about Beatnik on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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