We Are Makers – Killin’ It (2022)

We Are Makers bring the glitter of glam rock to an overwhelming flow of empowerment in their single ‘Killin’ It’. Using slightly satirical lyrics, they touch on the manipulation of the music industry before sweeping listeners up in some anthemic empowerment. Sensual, glittering and powerful, the single takes pop-rock sensibilities and adds a sparkling sheen, before nearly bubbling over with self-confidence and inner strength.

This packed single comes from the musical brains of Chelsea Maker (vocals, bass) and Ryan Maker (guitar, vocals). After the duo packed up their belongings in 2016 and took an extended road trip, resulting in elopement at the top of Bell Rock, this musical project was born as they settled in LA. Since then, they have appeared at numerous events around LA and their annual Halloween performance for Rabotat Records’ Circuitry live stream has become a fan favourite.

There is an intense feeling to the sweeping opening of ‘Killin’ It’ as the guitars fly out and soar through your senses. The drums add depth to the soaring sound, before the light sparkle of glitter catches your eye. The initial melodic line has this building feeling as you are marched down the soundscape. The band has taken the best elements of glam rock and fused them to a core of pop rock. The building of the verses blossoms for the chorus as the leaves of the sound unfurls with rising empowerment. You can feel the strength of the single being carefully injected into your veins, before you soar above all your problems with the guitar riff that comes later. Throughout the single, the melody has a delicate rise and fall to it that enhances the fusion of the melodic elements.

While the melody takes you on a dynamic soaring journey, the vocals sensually swirl their way into your brain. The opening call of the vocals gain your attention before the seductive slide takes over and slinks against your skin. The layered vocal performance is wonderful and works so well with the melody. The sensuality of the performance adds a power to the lyrics that fills you with inner strength. Each word builds on the last empowering step to create a rather overwhelming sense of inner strength and power. By the end of the track, you are going to feel more confident in yourself and sure that you can take on anything the world has to throw at you.

We Are Makers overwhelms the senses with empowerment that sensually slides through glam and pop-rock tones in ‘Killin’ It’. The slick soar of the melody has a fusion edge that slinks into your brain. Over this, the vocals pack a serious empowering punch as they seductively make their way into your soul.

Find out more about We Are Makers on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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