Thrillionaires – Oh Yes Coco (2022)

Thrillionaires brought a lot of fun to listeners with their debut single ‘Let’s Go Back’ and the music video which was a mash-up of videos made by friends and fans from across the world. With their follow-up single ‘Oh Yes Coco’, the band packs their signature sound into the feeling of going up and down until we don’t know which way is up. To the confused feelings of the lyrics, the band brings a mixture of retro disco and 90s electro, before topping it all off with some contemporary sensibilities.

A band that is rather shrouded in mystery, they let their music speak for itself and speak it does. With this track, the mysterious duo behind the music brings a wonderful summer hit that is packed with relatable emotional upheavals. Sure to get you dancing while trying to figure out which way is up, the single is a wonderful second step in their musical journey.

‘Oh Yes Coco’ gets you moving to the fusion tone from the first second, with a rather funky disco vibe. The deep beats make their way into your muscles, causing them to bounce to the melody, while the electronic tone twinkles through the top layer of the music. Thrillionaires have an amazing ability to combine different melodic styles for a retro, yet contemporary, flow that is really engaging. At times, the melody seems to drop to allow the vocals to take centre stage, before bubbling back into your senses. It is an overall light melody that has you gently grooving to the single and floating down the river of sound. Later in the track, the merger of disco and electronic tones takes over for the bridge, taking on an almost cosmic feeling. It is like you are leaving the Earth’s atmosphere as you tumble through the ups and downs of life.

After the bubbling tones of the melody pull you into the single, the vocals enter with an electronic edge. There is a spacey feeling to the opening verse that adds to the cosmic vibes of the melody. The chorus is a more organic flow that is wonderfully soft. The interplay between the electronic-tinged and organic vocal lines is wonderful and enhances the feeling of up and down woven into the lyrics. At times, you feel like you are floating away in space without anything tethering you, only to drop to the ground. Through all of this, you are hooked to the undeniably catchy movement of the track that makes you want to listen to it again and again.

Through the fusion tones of ‘Oh Yes Coco’, Thrillionaires takes up through the ups and downs of life with a cosmic edge. The melody perfectly combines different styles for an engaging soundscape that has you drifting off into space. This fusion is continued by the vocals as they move from electronic-tinged to organic, while lifting you up and pulling you down.

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