Westerner – Restless (2020)

Describing themselves as a “ballsy cocktail of psychedelic rock, disco and trip-hop”, US-based Westerner is funky, fresh and absolutely unique. Gaining a reputation for their energetic, emotional and electric live shows, the Los Angeles threesome has performed at iconic venues like The Bootleg Theater, Beverly Hilton and Whisky A Go-Go (to name just a few). In fact, Westerner was featured as part of Music Connection Magazine’s “Hot 100 Live Acts” for three years running. The latest addition to the group’s growing discography is the single ‘Restless’.

Gracing the virtual pages of FV Music Blog, A&R Factory and Music Connection Magazine, Cooper Bombadli (vocals), Brandon Valerico (bass) and Mike Gattshall (drums) are turning heads building a cult-like following. The follow-up to their single ‘Yesferatu’, ‘Restless’ leans toward folk-rock as compared to the synth-based downtempo style of ‘Yesteratu’ showcasing the group’s versatility as artists.

Reminiscent of Talking Heads and a psychedelic Mumford and Sons, Westerner combines high-paced rock with synth-driven undertones. While an upbeat and speedy track, the consistent melodies with warm vocals create a sense of languid comfort. Odd, consider ‘Restless’ touches on life’s stagnation when too comfortable in a situation; however, also focusing on the hopefulness and empowerment of overcoming indifference.

“‘Restless’ is about trusting your gut when you know you need to get out of a comfortable situation and get yourself back in the ring. Comfort can lead to stagnation and we sometimes need to push ourselves into the unknown in order to feel the spark of excitement and to feel the flow. This song also speaks to us because of the cabin fever we are having after being in lockdown for so many months and also the itch to shift our political norms.” – Westerner on ‘Restless’

For more from Westerner check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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