Onism E – Survivors (2020)

Onism E took a folk-rock turn for their reflective track ‘My America’. They are now stepping firmly back to their home in the rock world with their release ‘Survivors’. The single moves the focus of their music from the world at large and turns inward. Taking you through the aches and pains that float around our heads.

After the emotional rollercoaster that has been 2020, most people will be able to relate to the single. Filled with all the emotions that have roiled around inside all of us, the band offers some light at the end of the tunnel. The accompanying music video conveys these emotions through poignant simplistic scenes.

‘Survivors’ progressively builds up a soaring rock sound in the opening. The guitar lines wail through the soundscape and pull you along their soaring flow. There is a heaviness to the melody that weighs down on you while endlessly drawing you into the song. The beats propel you forward while the guitar lines wrap around you. The melody has a relatively minimalistic feeling to it which creates the best possible foundation for the vocals and heavy lyrics. There is a guitar riff later in the song that is a wonderful addition and enhances the single.

Chavez’s vocals have a slight folk-rock vibe, but there is also something bluesy around the edges of her performance. Her performance is powerful as she shines a light on the emotional rollercoaster we have all been through. Her vocals have an uplifting feeling melding with an almost pleading tone. There is also a sense of freedom as she lets go of many of the aches and pains floating around.

The accompanying music video captures the messaging of the track effectively through a simple visual. The video shows the band playing this single in an empty room. This is interspersed with each member playing on their own lit in a dark room. The spaced performance adds a poignant edge to the music that bolsters the emotional impact.

Onism E draws you into their rock sound with a heavy melody and poignant vocals in ‘Survivors’. The relatively minimalistic melody forms a deep foundation for the emotive vocals. The accompanying music video uses a simple visual to capture the messaging of the track.

Find out more about Onism E on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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