Wynona Bleach – Drag (2021)

With their single ‘Drag’, Wynona Bleach continue to get you excited for their debut album Moonsoake. The single has been re-written to bring a freshness to the track they had been touring before they hit the studio. Using an enormous sound, the band leads you to powerful vocals while combining richness with sweetness for a listening experience you are unlikely to forget any time soon.

While this single brings a new sound to a song fans of the band will know, you can hear in the low levels the sound that is uniquely them. As a lead-up to their debut album, it is sure to get you extremely excited and yearning for them to release more. Having seen great success with their last release, they have achieved serious radio play and supported international acts including Alice in Chains.

The drums that open ‘Drag’ seem to come at you from all directions before the guitar line has you swaying to its rhythm. The surge of music is wonderful as it rises beneath you are sends you tumbling down the soundscape. It is a really captivating movement that covers you in the rock layers of the track with a sprinkling of shoegaze glinting in the corner of your eye. You can easily imagine this track being played at full volume while everyone listening gets lost in the movement. Each instrument comes together for a solid melody while shining in its own right. While you are swept off your feet, there is this light and easy-going vibe to the music that makes it a pleasure to just let go and get lost in it.

As the melody hooks you, the vocals sweep out across the top line with a slightly airy feeling. There is a sweetness to the vocals that have the edges of your lips tugging up for a smile. This brings a hint of dream-pop to the overall rock tones of the track. The vocals are a wonderful light layer that brings something extra to the melody.

Wynona Bleach sweeps you off your feet with the rock melody of ‘Drag’ only to cover you in the sweetness of the vocals. The music is an undeniable current that catches you in its flow. The vocals sweep out over the music with an airiness that bolsters the sweet edge.

Find out more about Wynona Bleach on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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