Paul Bidault – Burden Off My Shoulders (2021)

Following up from his debut single, Paul Bidault is introducing us to his darker side with ‘Burden Off My Shoulders’. Combining his gravelly voice with powerful lyrics and a brooding soundscape, he delves into stirring consideration of struggles, defeat, loss and resilience. While picking up where his debut left off, the single is a moody step into what his upcoming debut album has to offer.

The brooding soundscape of the single brings a splash of acoustic folk to a sombre touch of acoustic rock. Through his music, Bidault’s unique roots and nomadic ways are woven into an intense sonic journey that is equally haunting as it is beautiful. If you are looking for a song that stirs the emotions and eclipses the senses, this is the one for you.

‘Burden Off My Shoulders’ pulls you in with an almost traditional tone that creeps into lurking underlayers. You can feel the twirls of fog around your ankles as you venture down the dark streets of the soundscape. The brooding of the music is a delicate balance of traditional and modern tones that calls through a timelessness. The run of tones is amazing as it tickles across the back of your neck while slowly waltzing you through rain-drenched darkened alleyways. The instrumentation is masterful as it leads you endlessly into the gloom of the melody. While drawing you into the dark, there is a feeling that you wouldn’t want to break the hold the music has over you.

As the melody dances its way into your senses, Bidault’s vocals are a creeping tendril of darkness that beckons you closer. The lyrics are poetic in their darkness while carrying a poignant feeling. The light growl of his voice blends with the whispered plea of his performance. The dark whispers of his voice are as addictive as the movement of the melody. This is a song that you can’t get enough of as the blended tones give you something new to fall in love with each time you listen to it. The layering is masterful as new sounds make their way through the soundscape adding to the rich picture of the track.

Paul Bidault creeps through a brooding soundscape with a mixture of traditional and modern tones that captivate the senses in ‘Burden Off My Shoulders’. The melody is a dark waltz through wet twilight streets that beckon you endlessly onward. His vocals are a whispered growl that scratch at the back of your brain in the most pleasant way possible.

Find out more about Paul Bidault on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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