Yesterdays Fate – Caught in the Headlights (2020)

Collaborating remotely is something Yesterdays Fate has been doing long before it was necessary. Damian Pipes (vocals), Graham White (keyboards, drums) and Jim Kraneveldt (guitar, bass) met online, make music online and have now released ‘Caught in the Headlights’ online. However, the single is not about being online and instead looks at dangerous relationships that are really bad but really exciting.

It looks at how you want to stay on for the ride regardless of the danger you face. While an uptempo and melodically driven track, it is edgier than their previous releases. Keeping their roots firmly in melodic pop-rock, they are showing off their versatility with a lean to the dark side.

‘Caught in the Headlights’ hits you with these soaring vocals and zipping tones. There is a driving drumbeat that melds with the keyboard tones to push you forward. While the melody is edgier than the band usually is, there is still something laid-back about it. There are some darker elements lurking deep in the melody, but overall it has a very soft-rock vibe. The guitar riff later in the song is great to listen to as it melds perfectly into this drum beat with light vocals wavering over it. That is easily one of the highlights of the track.

The soft-rock vibes of the single continue with the vocals. Pipes has some amazing control over his performance which is smooth and engaging. He builds this scene without explicitly stating what is happening. Through his performance and the way he interacts with the melody, you are immersed in the emotions of a relationship that is somewhat out of control. The single is a lot of fun to listen to and is easy to have playing at any time.

Yesterdays Fate hits you with melodic vocals and soft-rock vibes in ‘Caught in the Headlights’. The track ticks all the boxes for an easy listening rock song with an unbelievable production value. It just shows that engaging music can easily be created over the internet.

Find out more about Yesterdays Fate on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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