Not Myself – Drown (2020)

In the summer of 2018, three talented Spanish musicians met up with one talented English musician to form the alt-rock band Not Myself. Based in San Sebastian, Spain, Ally Morton (vocals and guitar), Aiur Retegi (guitar), Joxe Caballero (bass) and Gorkatxain (drums) came together to create a new breed of alternative rock meets post-punk. The unique sound stems from their different musical influences and the projects in which they have been involved.

For a quick insight into the band members and what they bring to the table, check this out: Morton performs as Massa Confusa and has an ongoing collaborative project called Five Pence Game. Retegi plays with Morton in Gozer and the Gatekeeper, as well as performing as the solo act Pixalino. Caballero is part of the electronic group Alitruti and the hardcore punk band Ixo. Gorkatxain also has previous experience, but the bands he played with are untitled.

Despite forming a couple of years ago, Not Myself remains a relatively new fish in a large pond. Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic, the group has been unable to perform live; however, they have released their debut single ‘Drown’.

Lyrically, the self-released single ‘Drown’ focuses on the situation of feeling overwhelmed and how to manage it. The simplicity of the lyrics along with the steady vocals enhancing the concept of, well, drowning in a mass of confusion.

What I find intriguing about ‘Drown’ and Not Myself is the delicate harmonies between instrumentation and Morton’s vocals. The somewhat monotone and melancholic vocals are teamed with basic guitars and drums to create an ambience of desperation. However, the final refrain “look up to the light, they’ll follow you” leans toward an optimistic outcome of overcoming the difficult situation. Of course, it could also mean the demons will follow you, but that’s all up to a listener’s interpretation.

Raw, honest and intoxicating, ‘Drown’ is a melodic, eclectic and hypnotic track. I cannot wait to hear more from this interesting foursome.

For more from Not Myself check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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