Yonder – Walls (2021)

Brit-pop is usually associated with some easy light themes, backed with uptempo backing, usually ringing, crisp guitars and electronic background to beef the sound up. It is then to the artist/band to bring in a good melody and do it justice for the song or songs to work. Yet, what happens when you as an artist try to combine a possibly archetypal Britpop tune with some dark-shaded lyrics that speak of a personal problem? Many would say such a combo cannot work, but Yonder, who are on a rune of a series of strong singles, just might prove them wrong with ‘Walls’, their latest single offering.

The brothers’ duo (Alex and Dan Lisle) lay down an excellent melody here with exactly the guitar sound (lead and rhythm), thumping bass, bubbling electronics and dual vocals that any artist trying to get that uptempo Britpop sound would crave. At the same time though, they bring along some dark-tinged lyrics to give the song yet another dimension: “I’m sorry for hitting the walls and acting like it’s nothing at all. Losing control, risking it all. You’ve been a saviour for my narcotic fiend behaviour. Used to get high to get through, now I’m high on you. You say we’re in this together but darling I fear for your health. My dear, I don’t want to drag you down. When I’m kissing the ground, I don’t think my head is fit for a crown.”

Now, all this is easier said than done, and done well at that. The first moment of enlightenment is realising there is a problem, the second is presenting it publicly and the third is doing it in a manner that everybody listening will not only understand it but enjoy the manner in which you are doing it. That is why the Lisle brothers have come up with a winning formula with ‘Walls’; and while big media outlets like  BBC Introducing and The Independent have been giving the thumbs up and comparing them to FOALS, with this release it seems Yonder are tracing a personality and a path of their own.

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