You, Me & Him – Going Home (2021)

The nostalgic pull of childhood memories is something that we all face at some point. You, Me & Him have turned the nostalgic longing of returning to where you grew up into the aptly titled track ‘Going Home’. With powerful vocals provided by Lydia Clowes, the band conjures images of days past filtering through the lens of nostalgia and yearning.

The energy of the single comes from Jim Newman and Max Goff who are experienced artists in their own right. While Newman has released solo material under the name Jim Jam, this collaboration with Goff brings new energy to folk-rock music. As part of the lead-up to their album Standing in the Wrong Place, this single wraps you in contrasts while highlighting the raw power of their sound.

‘Going Home’ opens with a soft acoustic line that makes it easy to fall into the reflective vibes of the track. The acoustic guitar drives the first parts of the single filling you with nostalgia and yearning for days past. From the depths of the music, a vibrating note starts to rise but this has been handled so subtly. The electric guitar that calls out in the second half of the track beckons you closer and further into the emotions of the track. While the electric guitar throws in a splash of rock, the melody is wonderfully earthy folk that works so well with the vocals. The almost blissful ride of music close to the end of the track is wonderful after the yearning of the single.

As the melody slowly builds to its blissful conclusion, Clowes’ vocals merge with Newman’s soft baritone. Their harmonisations are utter perfect as they float through your senses and pull you into the desire to head back home. The vocal performance has a questioning feeling at times that flows into yearning while dusted with nostalgia. There is a serious emotive hit in the vocals that comes through in a way that only amazing folk music can. When the melody hits its pea, the vocals turn to a gentle pleading for some guidance that really allows the retro feeling of the single to shine.

You, Me & Him fill your ears with retro folk as they work through nostalgia, yearning and questioning in ‘Going Home’. The melody is a wonderful building of acoustic guitar that leads to a blissful awakening. While there is a very light feeling to the music, the vocals carry a heavier vibe and solidly hit your emotions.

Find out more about You, Me & Him on their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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