Amela – DNM (2020)

If you want to avoid having a song stuck in your head for days, you should probably avoid ‘DNM’ by Amela. This cute little electronic pop song is a major earworm that wriggles its way into the back of your brain and will not budge. Combining her glossy vocals with soaring synths, Amela takes her creativity to a new height.

Following on from her last single ‘I’m Alright’, this track has an interplay between elements that hooks your attention and sinks into your brain. No newcomer to the music scene, she started writing music when she was only 9. When she is not creating her own music, she is a singing and music teacher.

The lush synths of ‘DNM’ hit you from the first moment of the song. They give way for Amela’s vocals which are a light touch against your ear. However, there is this hook in her performance that draws you into the song and you can feel the music getting stuck in your head. Her performance swings on the chorus for a more electronic pop vibe. Her performance has this flow to it that grabs your hand and drags you along the melody.

There is a lot going on under the vocals in the melody. The simple synths flow into a light piano line with clicking notes. Heavy beats and absorbing synths then hit you on the chorus and pick up the pace of the melody. The synths soar through your ears and the beat pounds against your chest. However, there is a rise and fall to the melody for the verses and chorus.

Using soaring synths and glossy vocals, ‘DNM’ by Amela will stick in your brain for days to come. The melody pounds through you as you are taken along the rise and fall. Her vocals are what really hooks you and will burrow their way into the far corners of your mind.

Find out more about Amela on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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