Young Astronaut – Hope (2022)

While failure is something we all face, accepting what has happened and moving on is not always as easy as it should be. We are often left battling feelings of apprehension when faced with a new task and this is something Young Astronaut picks up with their single ‘Hope’. Using introspective lyrics and brooding vocals, they consider the battle against ambivalence and apprehension many of us face.

Set to a musical backdrop of mesmerising synths, guitars and drums, the track is a wonderful opening salvo for their upcoming EP. Formed in 2012 by brothers Pete (keys, guitar) and Chris Boakes (vocals, guitar), the line-up is completed by Paul Meeson (bass) and Alex Esp (drums). Since forming, the band has released two full-length albums and played internationally.

‘Hope’ pulses with a somewhat retro tone that shakes up your sense. While there is this paced beat, there is a moody feeling to the rest of the instrumentation. It is like the soundscape has been washed in ultra-violet colours and neon lights are shining through the darkness. The rather atmospheric feeling of the music is a twilight wash that enhances the emotions of the vocals. Later in the track, that almost frenetic pace drops for a melodic exhale that lets your body rest and your lungs gasp for air. The movement of the music is seriously impressive as it really drives the introspective feeling of the single home.

The retro touch of the melody is picked up by the vocals that have a slightly 80s touch to them. While sprinkled with retro tones, the vocal performance has a modern indie-rock touch as you are drawn into lyrics rich in dance metaphors. The brooding feeling of the vocals is perfect with the reflective spin of the lyrics that walk the line between hopelessness and acceptance of something better. It is a touching single that spins a lot of emotions into your chest with a delicate hand. Every element of the single is smooth as it washes through your sense while turning your attention to some very important thoughts.

Young Astronaut brings a touch of retro tones to a modern introspection of failure, apprehension and ambivalence in ‘Hope’. The music is packed with neon colours that shines through the darkness with a touch of frenetic pace. The vocals have a touch of indie-rock that spins emotion in your chest.

Find out more about Young Astronaut on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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