HVIRESS – Golden Apple (2022)

With their second single ‘Golden Apple’, HVIRESS balances sweetness and underlying darkness. The dark-pop tones of the single leave a sugary aftertaste while diving into a taunting school-yard anthem. Packed with colourful contrasts, the single brings tribal undertones to classical piano and strings while glossing everything with the signature sound of the duo.

The slick and glossy sound of their music has been captured in the music video for this single that is not as innocent as it seems. Hana and Mishkin take everything to the next level with this track building on the acclaim their debut single received. If you are looking for a single that has far more than first meets the ear, this is definitely a song you should be listening to.

The glossy electronic tones of ‘Golden Apple’ hit you from the first moment. There is a glittering dusting to the music that rests on the surface of something much deeper. The music fills you with a dark-pop feeling that lets you know there is a dark cavern of nothingness resting below the surface that you can easily fall into. The darkness of the single constantly rests just out of sight but you know it is there as its oppressive weight rests on your shoulders. The keyboard tones are delicate and sugary leaving a strange taste in its wake.

As the music fills you with the feeling of something darker lurking just out of sight or right behind you, the vocals lead you into the taunting flows of the track. The light humming that opens the vocal line leads you into sweet tones that have a hint of dark decay. The chorus has a punch that is softened by the electronic tones. The vocals bring a seriously intense feeling to the track as you feel the sickly sweetness dripping off the words only to reveal the dark rot in the core. The interplay between innocence and darkness is wonderfully handled and brought through the soundscape perfectly.

The accompanying music video is awash with pastel pinks and innocent child motifs. The duo teamed up with Scott Chalmers for the video that brings the unsettled contrasting emotions of the song to visual life. With an appearance from Princess Snax, the video draws you into a seemingly innocent scene that has a much darker feel beneath the pink fuzz. As the single progresses, the video gets progressively darker and opens its underlying occult imagery for all to see.

HVIRESS covers your skin with a sweet gloss only to leave a tinge of darkness and unsettled emotions in their wake through ‘Golden Apple’. From start to finish, the single play of innocence against darkness creating tension in your stomach and a lingering uneasy feeling across your shoulders. The accompanying music video brings these feelings to wonderful visual glory with fuzzy pink and dark occult symbols.

Find out more about HVIRESS on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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