ZEBEDEE – Follow Me, Following Followers (2020)

While social media allows you to connect with other people, it also seems to cause a disconnect with the world. The draw of social currency such as likes and follows can often lead to true talent being lost. This is the basis of ‘Follow Me, Following Followers’ by ZEBEDEE. While drawing attention to this issue, the band also looks to relieve the problem for a little while.

This slightly spooky consideration of modern life comes to you courtesy of Zebedee Row (vocals, guitar), Victor de la Garza (drums), Michael Benham (guitar) and Kelsey Van Mook (guitar). Drawing on a range of styles, the band melds blues, rock and psychedelia together for a unique sound.

‘Follow Me, Following Followers’ uses a progressive opening to draw you into the soundscape. The guitar lines are rather infectious as they hook you and pull you into the arid tones of the melody. There is a slight edge of psychedelia to the melody in the lower levels that swirls more in the chorus. The main line of the melody has a great garage rock sound to it. There are these guitar riffs that pound through you before plodding down only to soar again. The lines of the melody twirl around each other to form a solid foundation for the vocals.

Row’s vocals have a dark and rough edge as he leads you down the melody. He has this weightless flow to his vocals on the verses. His performance gains more weight on the chorus and as the song progresses. The pace of his vocals lulls you into a sense of complacency only for him to throw you off this groove with some harder rock turns. His background screams are wonderful and just add this edge to the messaging of the single.

ZEBEDEE helps you get away from the negative draw of social media for a while with ‘Follow Me, Following Followers’. The single is packed with rock goodness from the progressive opening to Row’s background screaming. The vocals lull you into a sense of complacency while the layers of the melody pile up.

Find out more about ZEBEDEE on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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