Wendy Jack – White Bicycle (2020)

Wendy Jack is paying tribute to her friend and fellow musician Gavin Mee who sadly passed away in 2018. ‘White Bicycle’ draws on sounds from the 1960s with a touch of the Beatles and Joni Mitchell. The waltzing track has you meandering down the heartfelt lyrics as you fall under Jack’s storytelling spell. The journey is one that you may just want to take again and again.

While taking cues from bicycles, Jack also blends in her tender vocals. First written and performed for an event curated to remember Mee, she looks to keep his memory alive with its release. Working with Mee’s good friend producer Duncan Maitland, Jack has brought the soul and heaving heart of the track to life.

‘White Bicycle’ opens with Jack’s vocals from the first moment. Her light vocals tenderly tap your ears like a fairy dancing along the wind. There is a wonderful flow to her performance that fills you with good vibes. She effortlessly draws you into the imagery of the lyrics while pumping happy vibes into your veins. The lyrics showcase Jack’s formidable and magnetic storytelling ability as you can vividly picture the scenes she paints. As you listen to her, you are transported to an easy landscape full of light spring vibes as the wind whips past you as you ride your bicycle.

The almost whimsical flow of her vocals is complemented by the playful melody. It is packed with light tones that twinkle between the lyrics adding a dreamy feeling to the music. The shuffling beats enhance the spring-like feeling of the vocals while adding a freedom to the song. The vocals and melody combine for an easy listening experience that has you floating to a kaleidoscopic whirlwind.

Wendy Jack has you waltzing down a gentle kaleidoscope of easy melodic elements in ‘White Bicycle’. Her vocals paint an easy picture while the tone has you soaring to freedom with the wind whipping past your bicycle. The melody enhances this experience with light tones full of springtime playfulness.

Find out more about Wendy Jack on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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