Zoë Zohar – NUMB (2021)

Zoë Zohar is turning her music in a new and interesting direction with her third release ‘NUMB’. The dramatic sound of her previous tracks takes a more post-apocalyptic turn with this single. Packed with explosions of cinematic sound, retro guitars and a flare of futuristic sounds, she has you escaping into her sound.

After gaining international recognition with her last two releases, this one brings a sense of excitement to the anticipation for her upcoming debut EP. Drawing on influences from her childhood to create her authentic sound, Zohar mixes nostalgic sounds with modern edges. Sharing her outlook on life, she questions the world and picks you up for the ride.

‘NUMB’ effortlessly draws you in with a progressive melody. There is a seriously dramatic flair to the music that sweeps through your senses and has you rocked by the waves of sound. Zohar is able to create a captivating ambience that you want to sink into and never leave. There is a touch of dream-pop to the richness of the melody that is swept away for the rise of the chorus. It is a rather intense melody that really sets the tone for the track.

The richness of the soundscape enhances the power of her vocals as they slide against your skin like velvet. While her performance starts small it steadily builds as the song progresses. She carefully wraps her vocals around you until you are completely surrounded without even realising what has happened. Her performance is incredibly powerful as it continues to pull you under her spell and packs the richness of the rack into your veins.

Zoë Zohar sweeps you up with a rich cinematic melody and power vocals that surround your senses in ‘NUMB’. The single brings flashes of dream pop to some light retro tones before covering it all in velveteen softness. Zohar’s powerful vocals pull you under her spell and leave you wanting more.

Find out more about Zoë Zohar on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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