M-Rock Emrik – Tenderness (2021)

If you like taking a trip down memory lane and listening to soul and funk of the past, you are in for a treat. M-Rock Emrik is paying tribute to the sound of the past with his soulful yet funky ‘Tenderness’. Drawing on the inspiration of legends including Bill Withers, Prince, Whitney Houston and Sly Stone, he brings the pleasure of live horns and funky sounds to modern ears.

The funky sound of the single is one that has been honed over the ears by Emrik and his band Stonefunkers. In the mid-80s, they started a funk movement in Sweden and Gothenburg while bringing funk and hip-hop together. Hailed as the influence behind a number of Swedish artists and DJs, they continue to blend their sounds for engaging soundscapes and captivating singles.

‘Tenderness’ has you bopping to the funky tones from the first moment. The blast of horns is amazing and slides you into the hip-hop infused vibes. The beats weave their way into your senses and have you bouncing along to the music before you know what has happened. The movement of the melody is wonderful as it slides from funk to retro-soul and then combines them for an irresistible movement.

The female vocals that slip out against the smooth opening are captivating. The modern edged vocals that take over bring a hip-hop edge to a funk movement. There is such a wonderful blend of tones in the vocal performance. On the chorus, the swell of harmonised vocals takes you back to the heyday of funk and soul. The layers of the single come together for an infectious flow that you are easily swept up in and never want to get away from.

M-Rock Emrik has you getting down to a retro funk sound with a splash of hip-hop taking you down memory lane with ‘Tenderness’. The music hits you with the funky flow from the first second before layers of melodic influences take over. The vocals are perfectly balanced between funk and soul while hooking you to the sound of the band.

Find out more about M-Rock Emrik on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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