Track of the Day: Sloan Woolly – Futures

Fueled by an intriguing combination of modern country, Americana and classic rock, Sloan Woolly is Bob Dylan on steroids! The punk-style vocals with that Nashville twang make Sloan Woolly stand out from the crowd.

Founded by Jack Seigenthaler (vocals and guitar) and Henry Ingram (keys) during their days at Standford University. Originally performing as Mammoth, they were later joined by bassist Ben Josie and played countless shows around the San Francisco Bay Area for two and a half years. Upon graduation, the band relocated to Nashville, Tennesse. At the beginning of 2020, Sloan Woolly collaborated with sound engineer Mike Fahey (Phish, The Raconteurs) to record ‘Rest of Our Lives’ and ‘Futures’.

A follow-up to their somewhat psychedelic single ‘The Phone’, ‘Futures’ is an addictive blues-drenched track showing a harmony between rock vocals and country keys. With plans to release a debut album by the end of the year, we can only imagine the awesomeness to come!

“My mom had been obsessed with the idea of String Theory when she was a kid and was always talking about this idea of infinite realities all happening at once. So, that became the main lyrical theme. All the futures each of us dream of, in spite of the path we’re stuck on or blessed with” – Jack Seigenthaler on ‘Futures’

Find out more about Sloan Woolly on their Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Instagram.

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