65daysofstatic – Wild Light (2013)

65_wildlight_cover_750The feeling when Wild Light hits you!

2010 saw this Sheffield-based outfits last release We Were Exploding Anyway; with this they explored the possibilities of combining their classic post-rock sound with a new electronic style.  This was a resounding success and left their fans waiting to see where they could take this direction.  After 3 years we finally have our answer, Wild Light.

Having seen them 3 times already this year, I sort of had an idea of what to expect.  Being such an awe-inspiring live act, the question was could they transfer this sound of epic proportions to record?  The answer is yes!  From the opening track ‘Heat Death Infinity Splitter’ I knew I was going to be taken on a journey by this album.  For me, this was a feeling reminiscent of the first time I heard ‘Auto Rock’ by Mogwai and I knew this was going to be an album which would define a genre.   They have taken their use of electro on ‘We Were Exploding Anyway’ to a whole new level and I think it’s going to change post-rock forever.

As I traveled through the album, I became more and more immersed in the sheer beauty of the music.  The rich sound of ‘Blackspots’ made it my track of the album; however every track is a contender as they all fit together to for a true masterpiece.  For me this is the album of 2013 and has left me itching for their homecoming show in Sheffield next January.

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