Hounds Haul – Riviera (2020)

Debauchery and the idea of a perfect paradise form the basis of ‘Riviera’ by Hounds Haul. Considering the idea that there is a place in all of us that is packed with debauchery, the band melds upbeat sounds with something darker. The dynamic tones of the track combine the sense of a perfect paradise with this dark place within all of us.

This single takes the band’s soundscape to a new level, not only because it is their first studio release. Adam Bosworth (vocals, guitar), Jamie Smith (bass), Tom Maddams (guitar) and Rien DeKeyser (keys, synths) have a like-minded approach to music. The interplay of their interests and talents makes the band strong and that strength really shines on this single.

‘Riviera’ gets you into the upbeat vibe from the first second. The melody is full-on from the start and grabs your hand at a run. The plucky notes within the melody make you want to move while the crescendo during the chorus makes you want to jump. The pace of the melody gets your heart pounding. There are so many layers to the melody that meld into this driving sound that soars over you and engulfs you within it.

Bosworth’s vocals give you a bit of an anchor against the tide of the melody. He enters smoothly, almost like his voice is another instrument added to the melody. While he keeps pace with the melody, there is something about his performance that slows you. It could be the somewhat darker lyrics that his performance drives into you or simply the smoothness of his performance. Further in the track, everything becomes slower and his vocals wrap around you.

Hounds Haul send your heart racing while providing a vocal anchor in the strong swelling soundscape that is ‘Riviera’. The single has all these layers working together to sweep you off your feet. The strength of the band is clear and you can really hear their unique sound bursting through.

Find out more about Hounds Haul on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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