808g – aLex (2021)

With ‘aLex’, 808g is continuing his unique mixture of musical genres with interesting stories that hold a much deeper meaning. Dedicated to Alex Wharton who mastered all the songs on 808g’s debut EP, the single brings an awareness to listeners. This awareness shines a light on the freedom we can all have if we take the time to wake up and grasp it.

With lyrics that encourage you to push against the boundaries and lines created by others, he leads you to a world of new chances. This awakening comes from Juan Ignacio Diaco Vidal, the multi-instrumentalist behind the music. Since teaching himself how to play a range of instruments, he has performed with bands and worked as a sound engineer before setting out to create his own music.

‘aLex’ has a really interesting melody that is quite unlike anything you might be listening to right now. There is a combination of futuristic tones merging with psychedelia before sliding down a path of electronic pop. The perfectly blended soundscape brings a unique edge to his music that bolsters the deeper messaging of the track. The beats have you bouncing to the rhythm while the stop-start arrangement of the melody keeps you constantly guessing over what will happen next.

808g’s vocals are as blended as the melody with a smooth flow twirling around electronic edges. The really unique movement of the vocals and music push the lyrics into your brain before the message of the single grabs you. As you listen to the lyrics, you are pulled into the sense that you should be looking past the limitations that are laid out and grasp the freedom of new chances. The repetition of the lyrics is sure to have them stuck in your head.

808g brings a uniquely blended sound to your ears while pushing you toward an awakening in ‘aLex’. The single has you bouncing to the melody while the lyrics sink into you and draw you to their deeper meaning. If you are in the mood for a single that is really different to everything else out there, this is the one for you.

Find out more about 808g on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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