Danny Guinan – Regards (2021)

A lot of people have felt the temptation of turning their back on everything and starting afresh. Taking this feeling and throwing it into a relatable setting, Danny Guinan takes listeners back to an American suburb in the 1950s where a man walks out the door to buy cigarettes and never comes back. The story is one for the movies but holds a much deeper message of the desire to escape responsibility and the yearning for a new beginning.

Guinan takes everything he has learnt in his time fronting the band Speranza and turns it to his solo work. With several albums to his name and tours across Europe, the USA and Asia, he is no newcomer and it shows in the maturity of his sound.

‘Regards’ brings an expansive melody to your ears that hits with a wave of nostalgia. The folk tones of the acoustic guitar strum against your ears with a gentle nip of cold. The emotions the melody brings are a delightful precursor to those pulsing through the vocals. As the song progresses, the expansiveness of the melody forms a road that leads you ever forward without any end in sight. This is a wonderful sonic vision of the feeling of moving away from what you know and starting over again.

While you are awash with the emotions of the melody, the lyrics lay out the story of the single. You can clearly picture the tale while getting a taste of the emotions each character feels. As these emotions well inside you, they echo with something deeper that many people have felt before. Through his very emotive vocal performance, Guinan plays the emotions of each character against each other. This is a delightful vision of both side of the tale and reminds us that all our actions have consequences.

Danny Guinan uses an old story to tug at your heart and bring an understanding of the emotions of others in ‘Regards’. There is a deep desire within the single to leave everything behind and start again, but this is tempered with the emotions of those who are left behind. A relatively sad single, there is a deeper understanding and meaning resting within if you want to grab onto it.

Find out more about Danny Guinan on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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