Josh Savage – In Too Deep (2021)

Following on the heels of his single ‘Young Fools’, Josh Savage is tumbling into the uncontrollable feeling of falling in love. Through the tones of ‘In Too Deep’, he likens this experience to being pulled underwater. Filled with vulnerability, an embracing of the situation and feeling utterly terrified, the single is a potent mix of emotion and Savage’s musicality.

Continuing the warm layering of his music, he draws you into his soundscape and pumps the emotions of the track into your veins. Coming off his upcoming album, the single gives you a taste of what to expect while leaving you yearning for more. With a touch of folk meeting a wall of dream-pop, he shows listeners why many consider him a rising star in the industry.

There is a deep beat that opens ‘In Too Deep’ that has your foot tapping and your spirit beating in time to it. The humming vocals that form the higher layer of the opening brings a misty expansiveness to the single. There is a really deep feeling to the melody that reaching into your chest and embraces your soul. Through the encompassing feeling of the melody, you are pulled into the overwhelming emotion of the track. While you are pulled under by the power of the melody, there is a sense that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Savage’s vocals have a delightful vulnerability to them as he whispers against the beats. As his voice rises in power on the chorus there is a questioning and curious echo in the back that brings this thread of worry. This thread is artfully woven into the music as you worry that you are falling too far under the waves and whether this is actually what falling in love is like. The interplay between questioning and acceptance is masterful in the single and pure pleasure to listen to.

Josh Savage pulls you under the waves of his music while questioning the overwhelming emotions you feel with ‘In Too Deep’. The delicate interplay of questioning the emotion and accepting that this is where you want to be is wonderful. His vulnerable vocals merge with the all-encompassing melody to bring the feeling of falling in love to sonic glory.

Find out more about Josh Savage on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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