9 O’Clock Nasty – Growl (2021)

Drawing together elements of grunge, alternative rock, indie-rock wrapped in a post-punk package, UK-based 9 O’Clock Nasty is a group with an obscure sound. Despite only releasing music in 2021, at least that’s the case on Spotify, the band has built a strong reputation across the globe. Featured in Less Than 1000 Followers, Dark Strudel, Rising Artists Blog and Edgar Allan Poets, 9 O’Clock Nasty is receiving critical acclaim for its work. The latest addition to their growing repertoire is Growl.

Following their EP Dry (read our review here), 9 O’Clock Nasty moves from 60s guitar melodies to harder 80s punk-rock with tinges of post-punk in Growl. Reminiscent of Sex Pistols and Joy Division, there is a darker undertone to the forceful tracks. Opening up in a furious nature is ‘Monstruosa’ introducing you to the group with a blast of sound. Seriously, listening to ‘Monstruosa’ is like being punched in the face after drinking several tequila shots. It’s not a bad punch in the face, just a rather unexpected and overwhelming one.

Following the sensational ‘Monstruosa’, we have ‘Walkman Walk’ and ‘Big Fish (In A Pool Of Piss)’ bringing the tempo down. ‘Walkman Walk’ retains a certain degree of upbeat, headbanging-ness, but the synth-driven presents a calmer melody underlying the high-speed tone. What I find intriguing about ‘Walkman Walk’ is how it acts as a bridge from the killer ‘Monstruosa’ and the smoothness of ‘Big Fish (In A Pool Of Piss’. This showcases 9 O’Clock’s innovativeness, versatility and sophistication as musicians.

I am unsure as to which song is my favourite. ‘Big Fish’ certainly meets the groovy factor but ‘Monstruosa’ harnesses the fighting spirit of the EP. With gruff vocals, intense instrumentation and a forceful attitude, I have to admit that I like everything about Growl. Anthemic and hypnotic, it reverberates down your spine and ends off leaving you with cold shivers…good shivers. I can’t wait for more from 9 O’Clock Nasty.

For more from 9 O’Clock Nasty check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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