Love Ghost ft Rico Nasty – Wolfsbane (2021)

When we last heard Love Ghost, they were heading back to their grunge roots for an exploration of mental health in ‘Fade Away (Shave My Head)’. Now, they have teamed up with Rico Nasty for the unleashing of the beast within that is ‘Wolfsbane’. Using an unapologetic blast of melodic metal and hard rock, they have you shrugging off other people’s opinions and rocking out like crazy.

As the single rides between rock, trap and metal, the lyrics delve into horror icons and folklore to bring vivid imagery to mind. Comparing living with mental health conditions to being a werewolf, the track is relatable and epic. Between the blistering sounds of Love Ghost and the attitude of Rico Nasty, you are swept up in a genre-defying sound that unleashes something you never knew was hiding inside you.

The melodic vocal line from Finnegan Bell that opens ‘Wolfsbane’ is light and gives you a little false sense of the track. This quickly changes when the heavier metal line enters for a shouting punch. There is a controlled aggression to Bell’s performance that is utterly wonderful as it unleashes anger without being too overwhelming. The control of his performance perfectly highlights the lyrics that hit out against others. The chorus is a wonderful burst that you will want to shout out with before it drops to that lighter line from the opening. This leads you to Rico Nasty’s hard rock punch. Her vocals meld masterfully with the metal sounds of the band while bringing a different side of the aggression of the lyrics. The lighter points of the vocals have a very important message that everyone should be listening to.

As the vocals punch through your brain and make you want to scream with them, the melody is equally epic. There is a darkness in the guitars that makes you think of moonless nights. The blistering guitars on the chorus shake your insides before twinkling lightly when the vocals change. The heavy pulse comes back for Rico Nasty’s vocal line but there is a different hard rock swing that perfectly complements her voice. The thrilling melody bolsters the messaging and aggression of the track making it an instant addition to your favourite playlist.

Love Ghost and Rico Nasty come together for a truly epic single in ‘Wolfsbane’. The blast of hard rock and melodic metal packs everything we love about the band into the sound while punching the vocals through your brain. Bell’s swing from screaming aggression to light yet profound messaging is sublime. Added to Rico Nasty’s attitude-laden vocals, they create a single that you have to listen to again and again.

Find out more about Love Ghost on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

Find out more about Rico Nasty on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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