Starr Blazerz – Night Swimming (2020)

There are a lot of joyful things that we do in our youth that bring back fond memories later in life. ‘Night Swimming’ by Starr Blazerz was inspired by this and takes a trip down memory lane. The excitement and joy of swimming at night is infused into every note of this single offering a more chilled vibe than their previous releases.

This fun nostalgic blast comes from Glen Reynolds (vocals) and Justin Marlowe (keyboards, synths). The band took a slightly different approach to creating this song compared to their others. This is the first track that uses samples in the recording instead of everything being created from scratch.

Your mind is thrown back into your memories with the first notes of ‘Night Swimming’. The melody has this feeling of slipping backwards in time before you are hit with these beats that get you moving to them. The chilled vibe of the melody lets you float on its surface while being drawn to its current. The layers of the melody rise and fall like a gentle wave lapping on the shore. The high notes twinkle in the background while the rich synths draw you into the flow.

Reynolds’ vocals have this airiness to them that makes it seem like they are hovering over the melody. His performance complements the ebb of the melody and draws you into the laid-back vibes. While the song has a nostalgic vibe to it, there is something very present about it as well.

Starr Blazerz draws you into nostalgic joy with the chilled synth soundscape of ‘Night Swimming’. The single has a melody that draws you in and lets you float along it. The vocals compliment the rise and fall of the music while drawing you further into the chilled vibes.

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