Animal Breakdown – Night Garden (2020)

Animal Breakdown is a hard-working London-based band looking to conquer rock and roll. The band consists of Martin Lynch, Joseph Mitchell and Marco Nikic. Together, they made a splash in the music scene with their 2019 debut double single. They are following this up with their new track ‘Night Garden’.

The song is all about the difficulties of trying to survive when you have nothing. It takes a look at what you might have to do to make ends meet. The subject matter is dark and gritty without a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.

‘Night Garden’ does not waste time getting started with a driving new-wave tinged melody. The drums throughout the track drive it forward and build a sense of desperation in the solo. This combines with the breezy guitars that add a higher element to the tone of the track.

The lyrics of the song builds a glimpse into a life of struggle. They create an interesting paradox in the single as they build you up to feel invincible only to crash back to hopelessness. The vocal performance adds to the dark energy of the track. You can feel the emotions of the track and the battle set out in the lyrics clearly through each word.

Animal Breakdown hits you with an intense and paradoxical glimpse into struggling without any hope in ‘Night Garden’. The track captivates you with catchy melodies tinted with dark energy in the vocals and lyrics that are confident and hopeless at the same time. The passion for their music is clear in the song making it the perfect track to follow up their debut double single.

Find out more about Animal Breakdown on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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