A Chat with Alo Wiza (11.09.2020)

Singer-songwriter Alo Wiza is here is wrap you in her catchy new pop single ‘Diamonds’. Combining fun vibes with relatable lyrics the track looks at the heavy side of heartache. We sat down with Alo Wiza to talk about the new single, the accompanying music video, her future plans, music and much more!

OSR: What first drew you to singing and songwriting?

Wiza: I was always happy singing and because others appreciated my voice I sang more and more. Songwriting, I discovered a little later on. I had no idea until 5 years ago that I had the talent to write songs. I usually write my best songs during difficult moments in life.

OSR: Is there a personal story behind your new single ‘Diamonds’?

Wiza: My sister was going through a bad breakup and felt really depressed. Although the relationship was already broken, she still saw him every now and then to ease her pain knowing things would never go back to the way things were. Her experience and pain inspired me to write ‘Diamonds’.

OSR: What was your creative process for ‘Diamonds’?

Wiza: I wrote and produced the demo in Belgium. Then I sent the producer, Lane Johnson, all the midi parts plus scratch vocals. He recreated ‘Diamonds’ into the beautiful pop sensation that it is today.

OSR: What was the most challenging part of creating this single?

Wiza: To find the right music producer to take my demo and transform it into a beautiful radio friendly pop track.

OSR: You worked with producer Lane Johnson on this single, how did the two of you connect for this project?

Wiza: We connected through Instagram and hit it off right away creatively.

OSR: How did you decide on the creative direction of the music video for ‘Diamonds’?

Wiza: We wanted beach vibes with a sensual touch. Mainly me singing to the camera and dancing a little.

Alo Wiza

OSR: The music video was shot in Florida, why did you choose that location?

Wiza: Lane Johnson was working at Clear Track Studios in Florida and connected me to his friend who makes music videos. I was in Florida anyways for music production and recording, so I decided to shoot ‘Diamonds’ there.

OSR: If your music was a type of precious stone, other than a diamond, what would it be and why?

Wiza: Ruby, which represents nobility, purity, and passion.

OSR: What is the worst advice you have ever received?

Wiza: Don’t focus all your energy on your music career.

OSR: What else can we expect from you in the next 12 months?

Wiza: A new single every few months with a beautiful music video, and hopefully performing live shows if Covid permits.

Thanks to Alo Wiza for chatting with us! You can find more about her on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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